“80% of employees reported feeling stressed at work sometimes and 60% of absenteeism was associated with stress. Although stress can come from many sources, work stress particularly leads to burnout.”


This statistic from the AIS says it all. In Britain, stress costs British Businesses an estimated £26 billion per year.
So how do we counteract this?

What is Mindfulness?

According to Professor Mark Williams, Oxford University, Mindfulness is a translation of a word that simply means awareness. Paying attention to thoughts, feelings and body sensations to become directly aware of them, and better able to manage them. It’s application in the workplace leads to:

  • Improved Employee Engagement

  • Lower Employee Stress

  • Save on Healthcare Costs

  • Reduction of costs of Sickness

  • Improved Productivity
  • Improved Leadership Skills

“Volker’s Mindfulness in the Workplace course made me consider my own mindfulness practise and helped me to evaluate priorities at work, fostering a better work life balance and better productivity. I would happily recommend his courses.”

Alex Rosen, CTO, Platform360

And don’t take our word for it. I like to make it real and refer to scientific studies to prove the effectiveness. Neuroscientific studies find:

  • Positive changes in those area of the brain associated with decision-making, attention and empathy in people who regularly practice Mindfulness Meditation
  • That Meditation increases the area of the brain linked to regulating emotion, and that it improves people’s attention, job performance, productivity and satisfaction
  • That Meditation increases blood flow, reduces blood pressure, and protects people at risk of developing hypertension: it also reduces the risk and severity of cardiovascular disease, and the risk of dying from it

Our Mindfulness in the Workplace course helps employees to develop mindfulness skills supported by a six week training programme.

According to Deloitte, for every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover. 

How does it work?

Employees attend a 60 minute training session each week. Each week participants learn new techniques to improve performance, leadership, well-being and resilience, which they then practise each day and apply to their work.

Tailored Programmes and Workshops available.

6 week course sample below:

If you would like to find out more or have a conversation about your needs, please feel free to contact us or download our brochure below:

The Three Step Breathing Space guided meditation.

Mindfulness related Qualifications:

  • WorkplaceMT Mindfulness at Work Trainer, The Mindfulness Exchange (2019), CMI Validated, and developed as a spin-off from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre from Oxford University
  • Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Trainer, School of Positive Transformation (2019)
  • MBSR, The British Institute of Mindfulness (2019)
  • NLP Master Practitioner (2003)
  • MBA Thesis on EQ (2004)