Mindfulness is an integrative approach to focus on the here and now, the present moment. Being mindful means that one has an awareness of oneself and others, which relates to emotional intelligence (EQ).

The most common exercises are meditation practices, which can be a sitting meditation but also awareness meditation around food, sound or movement. Ballueder Partners works with trained mindfulness and meditation practitioners and trainers to bring mindfulness to the workplace.

Whilst this can be delivered in a half or one day workshop, we also offer 6 or 8 week-long programmes to teach self-awareness, mindfulness and meditation for groups.

Mindfulness is recommended for anyone to prevent and improve mental health and well being, resulting in higher productivity at the workplace. There is an overlap of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Mindfulness.

Benefits are stress and anxiety relief, lowering of blood pressure, improved sleep quality, helping to observe your thoughts, and being able to make a choice where you want to focus your attention on.

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