Ballueder Partners Ltd. core focus is split into what some people might consider ‘coachsultancy”. On the one hand we focus on consulting start- and scale-ups on strategy and are hands-on with business solutions; on the other hand, we focus on transformational coaching and running mindfulness programmes.

The latest product is our online personal development course #BeBetter. A self-learning, remote working online course which coaches you to:

  • Understand how you define Purpose, Goals, Success, and Values
  • Learn how to ask questions that identify your motivation in life
  • Explore your values, purpose and needs
  • Identify your mission in life and define your mantra
  • Align your life’s goals to your values, and establish a system allowing you to #BeBetter in anything you do
  • At the end, you define your own actions that will in turn improve your workflow and productivity through using the system

Please feel free to contact us for an individual quote, our packages and detailed service offering, or email us.

“I hired Volker as a strategic advisor. His input regarding product and marketing proved invaluable to the company and helped us massively to attract the right attention in the industry. I would happily hire him again for any role involving product positioning and goto market strategy.”
Nick Ellis, CEO and Founder